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Image by britt gaiser


with the martello journal


by alan pepin

When I drove back from Ballycastle,
I didn't come the Roman road that cuts straight home,
I zigzagged out along the coast; 

Where a leaden sky was weaving the night,
Beading the last bright threads of horizon,
Fusing the last strands of sun

Swerving in a tussling wind
Coasting on the verge - I held my breath -
From Ballintoy to White Park Bay: 

Stunned by the light conjuring black,
At the bleak-lit beauty, 
At the hemming of the day.

Alan Pepin is a Scottish poet, originally from Tarbet on the banks of Loch Lomond. He has lived in Portstewart in the north of Ireland for over twenty years. He teaches poetry and is the Head of the English Department at Coleraine Grammar School.

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