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Image by Johannes Plenio


the madrigal, volume ii

men in the woods

by natasha remoundou, after cut trees-timber, charcoal on paper by david hockney, 2008

the season of fire


with the selection

of suitable trees,

the ones that know

how to fall conveniently

accustomed to affording torsos

to the deepest sacrifice,

the most intent saw,

abandoning new-born leaves,

without resistance

to the axe,

crippled before the fall.

timber symmetrically cut,

log piled on top of log,

to fit the amputation in the eye,

in multiple pieces

learn lives to lose

on the spot where once,

a single body was.

and neither gravity

nor the flaming speed

finish the stories

we tell with our ashes

at the bottom of buckets.


the unknown poet


the roots sprouting

deep back in the forest

are the words hunting us.

Natasha is a migrant writer, poet, and academic living in Ireland since 2003. Her work has been published in Greece and in Ireland.

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