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A Stillness You Must Have Touched

by lawrence moore

The village unworthy, their gaze unceasing, all boatlets run aground, beyond repair,

you left us to ourselves and joined the wild, hoping to find in silence what was lost in a crowded room.

Part of me feels envy for a stillness you must have touched

upon its passing. We almost pressed it together once,

somewhere between the barley field and the baffling winter sky.

Now this world you choose to flee from

pulls you closer as you evade all risk of love.


Lawrence Moore has been writing poems - some silly, some serious - since childhood. He lives in Portsmouth, England with his husband Matt and nine mostly well behaved cats. He has poetry published at, among others, Sarasvati, Pink Plastic House, Fevers of the Mind and The Madrigal. His first collection, Aerial Sweetshop, was published by Alien Buddha Press in January 2022. @LawrenceMooreUK


Image by Bree Anne
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