Image by Jason King





there is little to no commonality in the ways we as people approach the year’s end. some observe religious holidays, others commercialized holidays, and some just eagerly anticipate the finale of what, more often than not, is described as the grateful end of a terrible year. but regardless of worship, consumerism, or cynicism, what holds true and fast is that, at the end of it all, we flock to people we can celebrate it with together ––all of it, the good, the bad, and the unforgettable.


we at the madrigal have a focus on community. in the process of putting together our first two contributory issues, we have discovered a truly unbelievable collection of people who believe in us wholeheartedly, without fail. the trust which you all have placed in us so blindly, and without question, is one which we value so greatly, and we are so proud and grateful to call you all part of this extraordinary family of friends old and new, right next door or halfway around the world, just starting out or having seen it all.


so, for this mini-issue, we want to hear about your family, your friends, the strangers you met on one cold December evening who you’ve remembered forever. send us poetry about these characters, these faces, these memories, the ones you’ve been holding onto since childhood or the ones you’ve only recently discovered. ‘ensemble’ is an ode to connection, the webs and strings which bind people together, through love and hate and everything in between. it is an issue for the real, the ugly, and above all the truth –– the flaws within us, and how we admire them anyway.


more often than not, the ensemble remains unnamed. it is a unit, a cohesion, a collection of people who, at their base, are viewed not as individuals, but as a whole. we, however, would like to propose a different interpretation –– a spotlight, glimmering on each and every member. to join this list of characters, send your submission to –– we can’t wait to read your work.

specific 'ensemble' submission guidelines:

i. the poems we are asking for must, in subject matter, be about a person. this is an issue dedicated to people, and as such we are asking for poems both thematically and in title about a specific person. therefore, we ask that each poem be named after the person it is referencing –– for instance, ‘arabella’ or ‘john’ or ‘lucy’. 

ii. we will be accepting both poetry and cover art submissions for our mini issue. if you are submitting cover art to us for consideration, please email the following information in your subject line: [NAME] –– Cover Art Submission. please send your artwork in a .pdf format, or it will not be considered.

iii. in this vein, you may submit artwork of any medium, whether that be a sketch, painting, digital illustration, photograph, mixed medium, wood carving, shellack iconography, or otherwise. as long as you feel it demonstrates your interpretation of the theme, we are more than happy to receive it! 

iv. please do not submit more than 3 poems in a single .pdf document. please adhere to and see the standard rules for submitting your work to the madrigal –– we appreciate every piece that comes our way, and look forward to reading for this issue!

v. as with poetry submissions, any submissions of cover art mean that the rights to your work will be held & maintained by you upon publication!