oh, but how we love to love.  love is something we fear, something we yearn, something we we pine and crave; it is that which both binds and frees us, what enraptures and ruins us. love is fickle, illustrious, as coy and playful as the west wind, and it is, inexorably, what we write of –– the love of others, of oneself, and of life. 

perhaps the Romantic poets said it best: 'beauty is truth, truth beauty –– that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.' in writing of love, that is what one finds: a truth, a verity in the vulnerability of expression, in the admirable declaration of emotion, sensation, and feeling. to write of love is to write of pain, ardor, and passion, and yet temper it in equal measure with thought, craft, and reminiscence, to join in careful union the process itself with the sentiment which inspires it. love poetry is, perhaps, the most arduous task of all; it is an assertion of self, and the truth which comes from it.

for this issue, we would like to read poetry inspired by this theme of love and truth, the verity which comes from carefully crafted form and verse. we are particularly interested in work inspired by Romantic poetry, and work which, as we have mentioned, adheres closely to more traditional formal poetry and verse. we will, of course, read submissions equally regardless of form, but we are looking for a particular type of expression which demonstrates the intersection of construction and feeling, and the truth such work reveals. likewise, we would like to convey within this issue a plethora of perspectives on love and loving, and encourage submissions from anyone who feels their experience with love is outside the traditional, prescribed narrative. 

so please, take these ideas and run with them –– send us sonnets and sestinas, couplets and villanelles, ballads inspired by rolling hills and deep brown eyes. we want work which takes the traditional and invigorates it, animates it, which tributes form and craft to borne something anew. write like keats or blake or shelley, or simply just write like you –– tell us of your love, your truth, and let us immortalize it.

send your submission to –– we can’t wait to read your work.

specific 'verity' submission guidelines:

i. as stated above, we are particularly interested in work that follows formal verse and takes inspiration from Romantic poetry at large. you are more than welcome to submit work that does not follow this suggestion if you feel it suits this theme of love and truth, but we would like to make it as clear as possible that this is what we are interested in.

ii. please do not submit more than 3 poems in a single .pdf document. please adhere to and see the standard rules for submitting your work to the madrigal –– we appreciate every piece that comes our way, and look forward to reading for this issue!

iii. we are not interested in reading overtly pornographic or sexual work for this issue. please do not send us work that is pornographic or crudely sexual in nature. if you send us work like this, we will simply not read it.