Image by Merri J





whimsy is a bag of ferrets. it’s a smirk that curls from the corner of your face out like a crack on the street and takes you wholly in earnest to participate in nonsense. naiveté is an act of resistance and a place to call home, to take shelter in a patina all the more palatable to persed practical alternatives of mundanity. it is a delicate commodity, to shared with those we love and foster like a little licking ember.


for this contributory issue of The Madrigal, we would like to read poetry connecting to this theme of ‘whimsy’ –– work inspired by the moments of magic in everyday life; everything from the silliness of nursery rhymes to the speed of a hummingbird’s wings. tell us of lily-pads and forest kings, of your commute to work and how you would fly, or even just a moment of love and adoration in the soothing companionship of evening. ‘whimsy’ is all but the limit of your imagination –– we cannot wait to read your work.

specific 'whimsy' submission guidelines:

i. we will be accepting both poetry and cover art submissions for our third issue. if you are submitting cover art to us for consideration, please email the following information in your subject line: [NAME] –– Cover Art Submission. please send your artwork in a .pdf format, or it will not be considered. 

ii. in this vein, you may submit artwork of any medium, whether that be a sketch, painting, digital illustration, photograph, mixed medium, wood carving, shellack iconography, or otherwise. as long as you feel it demonstrates your interpretation of whimsy, we are more than happy to receive it! 

iii. as per the regular submission guidelines, please do not submit more than 4 poems in a single .pdf document. please adhere to and see the standard rules for submitting your work to the madrigal –– we appreciate every piece that comes our way, and look forward to reading for this issue!

iv. as with poetry submissions, any submissions of cover art mean that the rights to your work will be held & maintained by you upon publication!