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Image by Sdf Rahbar


the madrigal, volume iv


by al crow

Christ is nothing to me
his heavens sound lonely and cold,
and I won’t let the Buddha
steal my soul.
I just want these days again with you.
All that we have lived,
as well as whatever is still to come
both for our little family
and this hurting world.
Let’s go again my love.
The two of us and our girls,
and that silly dog,
into eternity,
round and round,
living out all of time,
godless, scared and free,
right here.

Al Crow works across fiction, creative non-fiction and poetry, exploring the climate emergency and human fragility through these mediums. The poem featured here is part of an ongoing series of ‘date-stamped’ works that capture some of the turbulence so many of us are feeling in this time of eco-anxiety. Recent poems are, or are soon to be, featured in Green Ink, Firewords, Vaine, Epoch magazines and Broken Sleep’s Eco Anthology. 

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