poetry submission guidelines

at the moment, the madrigal is only publishing poetry, with hopes for eventual expansion of content. we enjoy reading work that is emotive, delicate, sincere, and familiar, filled with themes and motifs of beauty and introspection that resonate deeply with the reader. we want to showcase the sublime, the nostalgic, and the dramatic –– the products of love, loss, yearning, and joy. the specific guidelines are as follows:

i. all poetry submissions should be sent to with the subject line 'Submission, {First & Last Name}'. work, ideally, should be previously unpublished, and a brief third-person biography should be included within the email. we love to read them!


ii. we will accept a maximum of four poetry submissions per person, attached to your submission email in a pdf document. 

iii. we will read and accept all genres, forms, and traditions of poetry, but strictly will not publish and subsequently will ignore work that contains subject matter of racisms, homophobia, or overtly pornographic content. 

iv. we will aim to respond to submissions with a period of 5-10 days, but this is likely to vary. if three weeks has passed and we have not gotten back to you, please give us a shout!

v. if your initial work is rejected, please don't hesitate to submit again! in a similar vein, if your initial submission is accepted, go nuts! 

vi. you will retain all rights to your submitted work! if your work is published elsewhere subsequently after our publication, we ask that you give the madrigal credit for its original publication.