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the madrigal is a poetry publication that aspires to produce bodies of work that are transient, emotive, delicate, and familiar in their capacity to evoke emotion and elicit a response from their reader. based in dublin, we, the editors, feel a deep and abiding connection to the thematic beauty that is the expanse of irish poetry, and aim to establish a collective of work that shares in the homeliness, joy, transience, and sadness to which poetry at its most raw can convey. the madrigal is a space for exploration, introspection, warmth, and effervescence, both to first time poets, seasoned vets, and everyone else in between! our poetry will be nostalgic, accessible, and deeply intimate –– a distinct and recognized feeling of home, always.

begun in dublin by two history and politics students, the madrigal is the culmination of a mutual love and fascination with poetry and publication –– a natural move towards new adventures and perspectives on the literary process. we are so excited to cultivate this publication, and cannot wait to share it with you all!

at present, we publish quarterly, both online and in print. previous issues of our journal can be viewed at no cost here on the website, or can be purchased in our shop to get an idea of the content we like to read. we are enjoying thematically-oriented issues at the moment –– the themes will be announced approximately 2-3 weeks prior to the opening of the submission window, which will also likely be announced in advance. any submissions sent outside this period will not be read or responded to, as they are unsolicited.


we hope that the soft and salient space of this journal will reflect the beautiful, breathtaking literary talent which contributes to it, fostered and amalgamated under the title of the madrigal.

with love,

helen and tomás



helen jenks

before poetry, helen's truest love will forever and always be warm, knitted things. armed with a fondness for jumpers and a talent for knitting teddy bears, helen (when not writing) enjoys hosting tea parties with her stuffed animals and instructing them on dinner party etiquette, all of whom are becoming as polite and well-mannered as can be! her work deals in themes of nostalgia, mythic inspiration, and the potential of the world around her –– for more, you can follow her on twitter at @rosemaryandwool, and see her recent publications in spellbinder, poetically mag, eucalyptus & rose, seedling poets, green ink poetry, and the martello journal.



in the beginning, there was nought but dusk, and chaos. now, there is excel, great. luke is a "writer" from Dublin whose good writing comes from the tides, but a lot less frequently. poetry is a true love, but he really needs to call more lest they leave him for good this time. coybig/coygig.

luke hayden



eleanore jenks
web manager

eleanore jenks is many things: writer, filmmaker, sister, and graduate student. above all, though, she is a micromanager, which is somehow worse than being an American living in London (or so she's been told). with years and years of web experience, she has graciously taken on the task of running The Madrigal's website, after telling her sister "just let me fix it." while not necessarily a poet at heart, she has honed her writing skill through years of theatre reviews, and will probably usurp The Madrigal one day into a review publication. (ONE DAY!!!!!) she is a tremendous help, and we are very grateful!

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