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Image by Kenrick Mills


the madrigal, volume ii

Aikman Throws Deep Into Coverage

by clem flowers

Black Huffy with green grip handlebars

Broken bent tires, beat axles

Missing its chain

Wrapped around the light pole

Near the bottom of the hill on Maple Drive


I remember back then the silence

& the sad eyes

Of my parents

when I asked them

What happened to my friend

& why

Anyone would leave a bike that cool

Out for so long weeds & vines grow up & around it

Clem  Flowers (They/ Them) is a soft spoken southern transplant living in spitting distance of some mountains in Utah. They enjoy cooking, watching old films, and frequently visiting a local bird sanctuary. Nb & bi, they live in a cozy apartment with their wonderful wife & sweet calico kitty. They can be found on Twitter at @hand_springs777

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