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the madrigal, volume iv


by kiersta recktenwald

Stay with me, love, and hold my hand --
Begin again what we have known;
Forever is too long to stand
Among a hasty multitude.

Be true as fine, my safest love;
Become as much as I have grown.
For us, life’s art is odalisque --
A picture of, . . . a mercy shown.

Kiersta Recktenwald was born in New England, grew up in Saudi Arabia, PDR China, then Japan, has attended Colby College and the University of Maine.  Her main interests are philosophy, psychology, spirituality, and communication. She's mentally high-functioning autistic, essentially nonverbal, personable nonetheless, and does one-finger typing of poetry and aphorisms.  Has had scores of poems published in North America, Europe, and Australia.

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