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Image by Scott Carroll


the madrigal, volume v

As the Deer/so this Poem

by spencer folkins

I sit
and wait
for the end.

I eat great meals       read good books        give up coffee       give out plants
name things    sow scattered seeds   build my own paradise  somewhere
that I'd like to be a part of       raise a tree       create             before breaking.

              I love things,
             watch them go.

                             I am not the hero of my poems. While I pocket
                             the memory for inspiration, deer
                             do not graze upon me to eat
                             from my cupped palm.

                                                          I sit,
                                                          watch the poem assemble itself, then
                                                          fade. White tail bouncing
                                                          as it enters the forest, deeper

                                                                                                                  until finally dis-

Spencer Folkins (he/him) has served on the Writers' Federation of New Brunswick's Board of Directors and on the Editorial Board for The Fiddlehead. Writing has appeared or is forthcoming in/on Riddle Fence, FreeFall, Qwerty, HA&L Magazine, Feels Zine, and elsewhere. Spencer is a recent graduate of St. Thomas University's School of Education (B.Ed. 2021) and now works as an Education Support Teacher in Resource at his local high school. Tweets @FolkinsSpencer

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