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Image by Ana-Maria Berbec


the madrigal, volume iv


by tomás clancy

It is a beautiful thing, that we two Troubadours
do pass through lands who’s bounty and splendour
wavers not as times gyre passes over.
To hold you is to know that dawn’s light will rise to meet
the nape of Holy Terrain, in a spectacle of indelible beauty.

To love you as I can, in the increments that come, moments whole
like stars, that soar in birth to make of the cosmos; Constellations
Because in this light? May we find a faith, premonitions from a great before
that the babbling of the stream, is not a thing of disquiet.

To wade in, is to know we will heal in the cool waters
and the pull of the swash, will take us in embrace in the crucible.
Where all the day’s new light to come and come will gleam.
Like your grace and resolve. A marvel you are
oh, the lands we have to see
let blooms of life over that which we shall pass has ribboned always our path
Star born ashore I Reside in thee always

Tomás Clancy is a thousand year old rock formation and  Editor of The Madrigal Press.

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