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Image by Anastasia Zhenina


the madrigal, volume ii

Booterstown Saltmarsh

by david butler

The sky a draining estuary;

the bay at low ebb, where

a party of oystercatchers

darts back and forth like

animated sewing-machines to

tack down the tidal tracery.

All day, the primordial

fester of the marsh offends

the palates of passing DARTs.

In there, time stagnates.

A moorhen judders, then

a heron pterodactyls

down to stalk the shallows,

hunches patient as a pedant

over the glaucous surface;

image of the poet.

David Butler's third poetry collection, Liffey Sequence, is to be published by Doire Press this autumn. He is also a novelist and dramatist.

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