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with the martello journal

Chocolate and Semantics

by jay rafferty

- Would you look.
- What?
- The sweetie shop is still selling Easter bunnies
- Are they taking the piss? Sure, Easter was last month.
- So?
- So, with Easter gone, they aren’t Easter bunnies anymore.
- Give over, they’re still Easter bunnies
- Everyone knows Easter bunnies are only Easter bunnies when Christ himself rises from the
tomb and turns them to chocolate. It’s like the Wedding at Cana for Belgians.
- Alright then if they aren’t Easter bunnies they can be May bunnies.
- May bunnies?
- What’s wrong with May bunnies?
- May bunnies are just rabbits.

Jay Rafferty is a redhead, an uncle and an eejit. He is the Poetry Editor for Sage Cigarettes Magazine and a guest lecturer on Contemporary and Irish Poetry. His debut poetry chapbook, Holy Things, was published in March from The Broken Spine and his follow-up chapbook, Strange Magic, came out in June of 2022 from Alien Buddha Press. You can read his work in several journals including Wine Cellar Press, Howl Writing and Daily Drunk Magazine. When not losing games of pool he, sometimes, writes stuff.

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