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Image by Annie Spratt


the madrigal, volume iv


by sharon jones

What kind of winter day prescribes a sonnet?
A deep blue day in which the moon lies low
swung as a lamp through trees a globe to light
the parchment of our lives, its gift a glow. 

What kind of Advent day requires verse?
A day in which the naked branches bear
before a sky of heavy pearl their hearts
and snow is possible and cold.  

Where icy shadows fall. What kind of night
cries out for poetry? Bright stars above
in silent witness still are diligent
as on the earth we come and go in love.

Sharon Jones studied Modern and Medieval Languages at Girton College Cambridge, and now lives and writes in County Antrim, Northern Ireland. She is happily married and has three grown-up children. Her work has found a range of homes including Irish Studies Review, Modern and Contemporary France, French Literary Review, The Irish Times, The Bangor Literary Journal, and The Round Tower Review. Sharon also writes a personal blog at 

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