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Image by Kristian Schofield


the madrigal, volume ii

Elegy for the Living

by luke hayden

shall I compare thee?

can I?

do I possess

the rhyme or reason

to do you justice?


wanton words wear the weary

spat or said or shouted

grab these roots and pull -

like rock, I'm fused to them.

call it what it is:


trapped. Fenrir knew not

the likes of these chains.

frozen. I am just caught,

teaching fingers over long forgotten stains.

Luke is a 19 year old aspiring poet from Wexford. Having spent most of his life reviling poetry in all of its forms, he came to discover a love of it during college, and began writing not much later. Covering a broad range of themes, he considers his poetry to be ultimately personal. Some of his favourite poets include Sylvia Plath, Christina Rossetti, and W.B. Yeats.

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