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Image by pure julia


the madrigal, volume iii.v


by jen feroze

In the robin’s egg chair
she reaches for her great grandson

enthralled by the heft and softness of him,
not quite able to recall his name.

The television in the corner
is a blaring aviary nowadays.

More often than not, conversations
are starless thickets.

But ask her about that winter
almost eighty years ago,

drifts calf deep and only
the old push bike to make her deliveries.

Ask her about the stack of thick oatcakes
wrapped in newspaper and balanced

on her handlebars,
steam rising defiantly into the porcelain sky.

Jen Feroze lives by the sea in Essex with her husband and two tiny sleep thieves. She loves turquoise things, chunky scarves and chocolate biscuits dunked in tea. Her work has appeared in a number of journals including Gingernut Magazine and Doghouse Press, and her debut collection, The Colour of Hope, was published in 2020.

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