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Image by Fidel Fernando


with the martello journal

Florence dropped a new album

by gale aitken

and I'm doing my laundry the bill's gonna be cheap this cycle
since I can’t stand the lights on I want to leave but the weather
app keeps lying to me six hours four and half hours three hours
of rain of sleep of something else I'll keep black mould eating
the bathroom walls I am an ant-crawling picnic bench I am a
car alarm I am a bad gay porn I am a lost cause and I've never
been that tall I lost my last crumbs of tobacco to the spring
winds and I don't have enough to buy more there's too many
bottles for the bottle bank they're lying on the floor now green
crystals underfoot now celery on the bus stop roof now I like
to peel my nails on the 49 and drop them there I like to lay out
lines of thread and hair I like to think I've a DNA trail in case

something happens to me when I get off the bus I am in a sea-
shell I am under a hat I am a horse with blinkers on the noise

reaches out but cannot touch me it's taking all my energy not
to scream when the wind blows through the building site I
scrub my clothes in each night since the washing machine
broke I'm crouching I'm a leaf I didn't brush my teeth and I
didn't wash my face and it's still light somehow but it's blueing
soon I was just in time to see the streetlamps turn on to face
the bug moon the night sky's mild enough that I could sit
outside in my pyjama shorts so I sit outside in just my pyjama

And nobody's around to stop me.

Gale is a student and poet who lives in Dublin. He cries a lot and takes great pride in this. His work has previously been published in The Madrigal, Icarus, TN2 Magazine and is forthcoming in Sweet Tooth.

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