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Image by Peter Herrmann


the madrigal, volume v

For Lyte Lowys My Sone - A Tretys of the Astrelabie

by j. freeborn

Todai a persoun incallen in
the Quakere Meting—incallen of

pain and rage. Thei were Helden
in Light—in Hevenriche-Light—

Dailight to Evenlight to Monlight
thei are helden.

I amervelen at my lothiness
my dispreisinge of their tering—

what ashamen me of the unstrong
helden in throulilight?

J. Freeborn is a teacher and the anthology books managing editor at The Poetry Society of New York. They have recent work in Impossible Archetype, Stone of Madness, Dream Pop, Occulum, and elsewhere

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