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Image by Samuel Bryngelsson


the madrigal, volume iii.v


by gale aitken

My heart is so full I think it needs to be poured out a little
It’s overflowing                   Where will I put all this sweetness
It’ll rot my veins and your teeth but who needs them just
Catch me in your out-stretched palms              Oh        I fall in love

With every tree-tall stranger Long-coated           Walking I thought I saw you
Out at sea My mother warned me not to venture out past the sandbanks lest I drown
And leaves brush the top of the bus            And I reach my arms through
The glass to hold hands with the branches

And you say my name                    Oh softly and carefully like you’re worried
The syllables will hurt when they hit the cold-still October air
And darling lying doesn’t seem to suit you like your features think             It does
Contort into strange shapes like                My body in the mirror


Imagines how it would look from your perspective if you were⸺
Oh      Is that weird          That’s weird          Isn’t it                  That isn’t a
Thing you ought to                 Think about a friend                  Is it
Lying awake like I am                Pulse-blood in the wrong places but


The cold has busy hands            She is pulling me around the
Seagulls suspended I can see the wires in the blue blue sky
I’m four floors tall and I can see the world from here
And the setting sun kisses my cheeks gentler than even you do         Dear


And remember I walk on wires                     Dearest               Please
Let me play with your hair          Let me pretend for an hour
And I dreamt about you                   Stubborn stain on my subconscious      Please
Maybe                 Let me lay my head down on your lap.

Gale Aitken is an English Literature student and tentative poet. Their work has been published in Icarus and TN2 Magazine. They live (and laugh and love) in Dublin

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