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Image by Eugene Chystiakov


the madrigal, volume iv

I cover myself in dust to let you free

by hasham khalid

God has it own presence in the air
It flies among the flowers.
We called each other in different colours,
now I picture a plinth or a pillar
for my shadow to fall.
Which rings do you wear
when you unfold your hands
for his viewing?
Or the gleam in your eyes at the hint of love.
Do you set these aside
for a tryst with water
When bathing?
And these are important to know,
as the name of your father or forefathers.
I suppose, all curiosity
shall reach its finality,
If I were to fall
like a wisp on your bones.
Yet content.
We should always love in silence
and in secret.
And as I grow back to my form,
I regret
that you felt that
I wasn’t enough,
When I was little.

Hasham Khalid is a poet from Pakistan. His poetry is inspired by the organic life of the cities he has lived in. He tweets @afterdoubt. 

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