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Image by Ghenadie Cebanu


the madrigal, volume v

I should plant more lavender

by meg freer

I could measure
(but I don’t)
spring’s abrupt return
sudden dandelions
how fast water rushes from underground
Jupiter’s arrival at opposition
the moon’s indifferent attitude

gravity pulls on my spine
(that delicate nerve)
leaves me chasing memories
not of your convulsions
during the late-night seizure
but of lavender cut back in the fall
and the particular way birds converse
in the evening just before rain

Meg Freer is a mother, writer, and piano teacher in Ontario and has published photos, poems and prose in many North American journals. She travels and enjoys the outdoors in all seasons, and her poetry tries to draw unexpected meaning from the beauty and strangeness of both the human and natural world.

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