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Image by Mollie Wetta


the madrigal, volume ii

I want to write about an orange

by taiwo hassan

peeled completely of its sweetness.

in this endless blue mass of words, my mother morphs

into a body of bricks and bones - a home where my buttocks don’t flinch before wearing the skin of a toilet seat,

where windows are also doors & ginger and honey tea is one of its many metaphors.

i want to carve stories about how her radio can swallow voids & morph into one, itself.

yesterday, i also sat in the company of some elements, vessels that have balanced the ironies in me and adorned

their skin with it.

i listened to a slow song too, & had a conversation with these boys in my head.

in this poem, if you ask me what my roots think of me, i

would only ask you to trace the dried tracks of tears of my mother’s face.

Taiwo Hassan is a Nigerian student, poet, and writer. His works have appeared in Ice Floe Press, Shallow Tales Review, Second Skin Magazine, Praxis Magazine, and Liminal Transit Review to mention a few. When he's not writing, he's either singing, listening to music, or watching TV series.

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