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Image by Raychan


with the martello journal

I'm holding a blow up duck

by róisín sheridan-bryson

It's difficult to get through the door with this. It's taking up too much space again. The Big
Thing in the room - the Big Thing with a capital B. It isn't new, I didn’t buy it new - it's
happened before. It happened when your mother died, and when you got your hair cut, and
when your cat ran away, and when your mother died. At night time the problem grows
exponentially. Now it's the size of a beach ball (filled - not burst). It's the size of a small
country. It's the size of all the shipping forecasts since the beginning of time laid out in a line.
When you look at me like that I fall in love in two minutes, you have to stop doing that with
your eyes. I fall in love in two minutes.

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