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Image by Sophia Hopkins


with the martello journal


by scott elder

Come to me in a whisper. I’ll give
you the wheel. You can drive

through the night       fleeting,
with me at your side         listening

to warnings of gales in Rockall,
to the thundering rain and showers.

Your position’s uncertain. From village
to village I veer. The roadside’s a shiver,

a swish and sigh, a cat jumping free…
Oh come to me in the midnight.

I’ll be your rising, your swell into Shannon,
your spring tide and Irish Sea.

Scott Elder lives in France. Since 2014 his work has mostly appeared in the UK and Ireland and has been shortlisted in the Troubadour, Fish, Plough, and Bridport Prizes. A debut pamphlet, ‘Breaking Away’, was published by Poetry Salzburg in 2015; a first collection, ‘Part of the Dark’, by Dempsey&Windle (UK) 2017, and his second, ‘My Hotel’, is forthcoming from Salmon Poetry (Ireland) 2023.  

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