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Image by Ricardas Brogys


the madrigal, volume ii

It Will All Come Down

by taiwo hassan

to a large pile of dry leaves

adorned with dust - a mass of misty eyes

& reheated memories.


but before the ground tastes a mix of salt, water

& regret,



hit pause breathe remember



to lay me down by a stretched mass

where the wind & water meet- endless, blue.

let the gulls mould a dirge into an ode.

simple things of this life have never found

a home in me, i hope the waves don't carry

that colour too.




on that day, the skies will paint

a smile you never bought - a lost lover - a torn kite, everything

that carries a memory but pain.



i know the trees will hum, let your faces

sing along. don't make your lips chapped,

& melt the weight on your tongue into

a chicken feather.



adorn yourself

in orange, green, colours of the

wind, anything but shades that scream


mourn like a butterfly.



i was never a happy man.

never let those six feet of sand, stones

& darkness feels that.

let them receive all of me with

the type of joy i never had.

Taiwo Hassan is a Nigerian student, poet, and writer. His works have appeared in Ice Floe Press, Shallow Tales Review, Second Skin Magazine, Praxis Magazine, and Liminal Transit Review to mention a few. When he's not writing, he's either singing, listening to music, or watching TV series.

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