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Image by Benigno Hoyuela


the madrigal, volume iv

Letter to Her

by alexander etheridge

It's you translating the earth‒‒

                   september scale and alphabet

It's the ribbon
and white aster petals
in your hair

      hands at rest      an absolution
      of mirror and root

Your name means snow
on the pomegranate


      amnesty of sight

It’s your hand in the drifting sycamores
Your name means

sleeper in the young wheat ‒‒ field after field
learning the morning

And when alone we ask for you

Little kingfishers
carry the thread of your breathing

Alexander Etheridge has been developing his poems and translations since 1998.  His poems have been featured in The Sojourn, The Parallax, The Cafe Review, The Dawntreader, Abridged Magazine, Susurrus Magazine, The Journal, and others.  He was the winner of the Struck Match Poetry Prize in 1999. 

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