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the madrigal, volume iv

Like Abelard and Heloise

by arthur l wood

Like Abelard and Heloise,
This woman has the gorgeous mind,
Her touch of tenderness and ease
Calms the ravages I find;
Her cheeks are one dear, downy bed
For my sore heart to rest upon,
And the sultry words she said
Vanish but are never gone.

The apples sink beneath the sea
Despite a little space of youth,
The air is sleeping on her knee,
And I am pining after truth;
The fruitful ways of love I drink
As silence breathes in melodies,
And every way she dreams I think
Like Abelard and Heloise.

Arthur L Wood is a poet from Winchester, UK.  He has published two collections, Poems for Susan (2020) and Scarlet Land (2021). His poetry takes inspiration from the lyrical poetry of the early twentieth century; notable influences include Walter de la Mare and William Butler Yeats. He has been widely published in poetry journals and runs his own YouTube channel ‘Poetry from the Shires’ where he shares classic and original verse. Twitter @ArthurLWood

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