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Image by Iulian Pana


with the martello journal


by sacha hutchinson

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Sacha Hutchinson is a practicing artist with a home studio in Barna. She was awarded a Bachelor of Arts in art and design in 2010. Her work looks at nature’s vulnerability and has a strong environmental message. She paints in gouache and oil. She also writes environmental poetry. She attends a weekly poetry workshop and has been published in several poetry journals. She paints and draws birds, experimenting with different media. Salthill Galway has many wonderful resident and visiting seabirds. She enjoys photographing and painting them. She has had exhibitions exploring this theme. She hopes her work will make more people understand the importance of protecting birds from habitat loss, plastic pollution, over fishing, and climate change. We need to remember that it is so important to coexist and preserve this natural beauty which is all around us.

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