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My Grandfather Read Clouds

by attracta fahy

Once walking through fields,
as he held my hand I asked him to teach me.
He didn’t reply

or speak for a while as we paced our steps,
slowing to my rhythm, our eyes on the sun
falling on fields, patches of shadow,
walls and trees lining our path.

On we walked, our feet walking on silver
reflections, opaque sprinklings of dew after rain,  
until he stood, pointed to a pookie
hidden between moss
and grass, 
‘Now,’ he said, ‘Look, that’s where fairies live.’ 
As I looked, a story my mother loved to read to us
flashed in my mind –
the one about the woman who lived in a shoe, 

and there under the canopy of her mushroom roof
I could see her and her children busy inside the stalk,
heads sticking out, two windows upstairs,
one down, as they scurried about, in and out
of its red door.

I could feel the warmth of her fire
telling grandad everything I saw.

That’s when he said, 
‘Now look up’ 
‘look up,’ he stressed again,
as I struggled to lift my gaze from the friends
I’d just met. 

‘Look up,’ and I did.
‘Now tell me what you see?’ 

I saw horses galloping, a chariot on fire,
and my grandmother walking towards the sun.

Attracta Fahy, Psychotherapist, MAW NUIG ‘17. Winner of Trócaire Poetry Ireland Poetry Competition 2021. Irish Times; New Irish Writing 2019, Pushcart & Best of Web nominee, shortlisted for: Fish International Poetry Competition 2022, OTE 2018 New Writer of the Year, Allingham Poetry competition both 2019 &’20, Write By The Sea Writing Competition 2021, Dedalus Press Mentoring Programme 2021. Her poems have been published in many magazines including the Crannóg,Stinging Fly, Banshee, Poetry Ireland Review, Honest Ulsterman, Poethead, Orbis, Abridged and several other journals and anthologies at home and abroad. Attracta was a featured reader at the January OTE Open Reading in Galway City and at many other reading events. Fly on the Wall Poetry published her best selling debut chapbook collection Dinner in the Fields, in March’20. She is presently working towards a full collection.

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