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Image by Gary Ellis


the madrigal, volume v


by robbie gamble

Downpours, absorption
more days of downpours

Today I was mute, the only prescient
being about the house as far as I could tell

rain in earnest conversation with the eaves
talk as thwack and spatter and resolve

As night fell, a last line of squall
scythed across the hillcrest

and a close crack of lightning
froze a hummingbird in silhouette

hunched at the feeder in sheeting
rain       Dear heart, you’re a plodgy

instrument in precipitations like these
Cloy me an appetite       Then flutter on

Robbie Gamble is the author of A Can of Pinto Beans, from Lily Poetry Review Press. His poems have appeared in the Atlanta Review, Carve, Lunch Ticket, RHINO, and The Sun. He worked for many years as a nurse practitioner caring for people caught in homelessness, and he now divides his time between Boston and Brattleboro, Vermont.

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