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Image by Nikola  Tomašić


the madrigal, volume v

Nestled Together

by bernadette gibson

A pair of snails roughly the same size,
spiralled shells blended rust with brown,
lie camouflaged within a crevice
of a dry-stone wall, fully retracted
into their shells, shielded from predators,
protected from sun, in the cool of the stones
they lie asleep, undisturbed waiting
for dusk to return.

When orange blaze of sun drops down,
and evening dew covers the ground,
the snails emerge from the crevice
moving slowly in the dark all over
the land, revealing sticky silver trails
that glisten in morning sunshine.

Bernadette Gibson has an MA in Creative Writing and Personal Development from the University of Sussex and attends Soundswrite in Leicester.  Her poems have been published in Poetic Licence, Littoral Magazine online, Southend Poetry and featured on  Bernadette edited her late mother-in-law Dorothy Gibson’s collection ‘The Years Fulfilled Collected Poems 1941-2001’ published by The Littoral Press in 2021

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