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by meadhbh hayden

At the centre of a cold square in Bruges The man comforted his young son Who had begun to cry Teeth bared, lips stretched, the boy hiccupped

Crushed his cheek into his father’s coat The rest of their group were looking At everything else: the pigeons, The other tourists, the door of the Salvador Dali museum Which was shut because it was Sunday The rush of feet and voices and cars rang

Between the old buildings lining the square

Yet while he had the boy wrapped inside him

The man heard nothing But his son’s breath.


Meadhbh Hayden is a writer living in Galway, Ireland. Her poem 'A full house in the summer' was shortlisted for the Young Poet's Prize at the Well's Festival of Literature in 2020. Twitter: @queen_meadhbh


Image by Bree Anne
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