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by meghan kemp-gee

Softboiled and brown, the eggs tasted

like getting away with something small

and wicked, small as beds of nails of dry hands catching distraction here and there like god or five-stringed

consonants in the word breaststroke,

faintly luxurious like light on loosened ribbons in the oils of portraits of old-fashioned young

ladies, somebody important’s daughters, like five-stringed compounding

of those clustered and curved letters

kindles wildness, mad connection, all things alike, enthralled alike.


Meghan Kemp-Gee is the author of WHAT I MEANT TO ASK: A CHAPBOOK (2022) and THE ANIMAL IN THE ROOM(forthcoming 2023). She also co-created CONTESTED STRIP, the world’s best comic about ultimate frisbee. She currently lives somewhere between North Vancouver BC and Fredericton NB. You can find her on Twitter @MadMollGreen


Image by Bree Anne
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