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In a strawberry field, you looked like someone I never knew

by malo gledhill

Don’t pay attention to the sirens, the police tend to be rude and

take over the space with their noise I’m embarrassed for them.

You set a perimeter to protect me from the chaos outside

The patch of grass you’ve selected lets me cry and burn under [confusion.]

Nick Drake prompts our conversation on ego-death

The grapes I’ve packed pop inappropriately in my mouth.

The juice tastes better mixed with my tears

I’ve never lived as much as today.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Long brown hair



Pink Floyd


You might as well be him

“So what are you seeing?”

“Wait, shit you haven’t been seeing the same things?”

“No I’m not in your head”

“That’s insane, you might as well be”


“You know you could be him”

“I know, I’ve also noticed strange similarities”

You know if I could speak to him

I’d tell him not to stop just because of the burden of my existence

That he should keep writing

That you shouldn’t worry

My heart will keep beating to the tempo of your talent

My mouth will feed on stories you have yet to tell

Fuck, I lose control and you become him

And I go back in time

To tell you of the guilt I carry

I build a theatre and enact a scene

Where I can finally reach you

Lead you down the path

Of radical freedom of spirit

Hop onto Kerouac’s insouciance

Look at me through Steinbeck’s eyes

Let Woolf unbind your narration

And write like you already do

You’ll do so well

I promise

I look to my left, where you’re lying down.

And realize my mistake

I forced a mask on your face.

“I’m breaking the fourth wall”

My heart sinks

“I’m sorry”

“It’s cool, but that’s something you should address man”

“Yeah I know”

I never do.


Malo didn’t start off with writing. He preferred telling stories and reciting other people’s poetry (especially Dylan Thomas’). When one fateful day, his friends saved him from his dark past of being a theatre kid and told him to sit down and compose. It wasn’t great, but it got better in time. Malo has already been featured in the Madrigal and is thrilled to be a part of it once more. If you’re confused by his pieces, know that he is too. Shaun the Sheep is a great show.


Image by Bree Anne
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