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Three Fates

by damien b. donnelly

I- The original

Water / floods flesh,

from carnal comes forth / creation.

Washed in sin / they watch / in judgement.

Water releases hold

she signs away the rights / to his name.

II- The Second Coming

Tears flood / drained desert.

She will be an ocean / once more.

Blood / not the only bond.

Longing leans in / with twice the light

and they watch

her happy tears / taunting barren habits.

III- The Journey

You are an ocean / endless / and I worry

about growing / tired.

Side streets / hold songs / boats / harbour burdens.

Every cobble a connection / for collection

every shell / an echo yet to be recognised.

Born from one / raised by another

now the journey / is mother.


Damien B. Donnelly is the author of the poetry pamphlet Eat the Storms, the micro collection Stickleback and the conversational pamphlet In the Jitterfritz of Neon, co-written by Eilín de Paor, all published by Hedgehog Poetry Press. He is the host & producer of Eat the Storms, the poetry podcast and the editor-in-chief of The Storms, a printed journal of poetry, prose and visual art. His work has appeared in various journals, both online and in print. His first full collection Enough! was published by The Hedgehog Poetry Press in August 2022.


Image by Bree Anne
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