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Who Will I Worship?

by dominic j. sweeney

There is a Greco temple in Armenia,

unique in its kind - Garni.

It stands alone, cradled by mountain landscape, smattered with green bushes that will greet snowfall in Winter.

I’m sure there are eagles, circling this structure. Perhaps they dart in between its many columns during off seasons.

Free; to nest in its aspects. Caws echoing, travelling to those landscapes, waking surrounding wildlife.

It all feels untouchable. Another world - what could have been.


Dominic J. Sweeney is from Donegal, Ireland. His work has previously been published in the third issue of An Capall Dorcha, by Dublin-based poetry collective NOT4U and featured in Poetry Ireland's open mic event #letmetalkire. His poem The Heart Remains A Child is forthcoming in the third issue of An Púca Magazine and his photography and poem Scone Stone Walls is forthcoming in the inaugural edition of Scran Magazine.


Image by Bree Anne
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