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the rhizome is an unruly ball of roots, interlinking and tethered bonds of being. they clutch down, splitting stones and scree in way. it intends on caring enough to try, to hold still and remain long enough to become familiar in the landscape. no matter how high you soar, the bonds that hold you so can only grow to hold you steadfast in flourish. it is a lineage, an endeavor, and a source of resolve.

for this first contributory issue, we want, simply enough, poetry about your roots. your roots are  entirely your own –– the sum of what has made you, the bonds which you have grown, the family you have gathered, and all the beauty, joy, and wonder you have cultivated, watered, and nourished in the vast  histories and memories of your life. read, enjoy, and love –– this is a collection for the heart and soul, a bond of beauty, love, and truth.

volume ii: roots



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