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Image by Cecile Hournau


the madrigal, volume ii


by gopal lahiri


Almost without noticing

you have arrived and everywhere the light glows,

let your memory drums in the night

let the twilight colours dry

let people come, touch your feet

tell them how the nature divides the country.



Maybe we know each other better

I read lying down, the book on my chest,

it is the third lung

opening and closing in silence,

memories are all muddled up

and the image is entangled.



My time is a sad one of collapses

empty coffee pots are on the table

words fold up like bamboo mat,

the stars crumble, the dawn opens like dry petals

green leaves are dotted with blood

silence is now both sign and prayer.

Gopal Lahiri is an India based bilingual poet, editor, critic and translator and published in
English and Bengali language. He has authored 23 books to his credit. His poetry is also
published across various anthologies and in eminent journals of India and abroad. His poems
are translated in 14 languages. Recent credits: Ink Sweat & Tears, Catjun Mutt Press, Verse -
Virtual, Borderless Journal, Different Truth, Kitaab, Indian Literature, Piker Press, Scarlet Leaf
Review, The Daily Sun, Spillwords, Internationaltimes, NewYork Parrot, Tourvallie Review,
Indian Periodicals, Setu, Muse India, Glomag and elsewhere.

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