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Image by Marin Tulard


the madrigal, volume v

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World

by will moran

When I decided to drink the ocean, it was for this reason.
Saltwater induces vomiting.
I thought the moon would miss her,
would crash into the salt flats.
Uncover a smooth pearl the size of a new moon
where we could live together
after the earth was picked clean.
Thus the death of the earth. Thus the end
of anxiety. If all the bad things have happened
already, what more is there left to do.

'Will Moran (they/he) is a writer and student living in Birmingham, UK. When he's not reading or writing, he finds inspiration in canalside walks, late night conversations, and Taylor Swift. They are UniSlam 2022 winner and their work has appeared in Celestite, Fifth Wheel Press, and others. They can be found on Twitter @will_meringue_.'

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