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Image by Theo Eilertsen Photography


the madrigal, volume iv

Since We Must Forget

by jim brosnan

What I think
I know
about most
January mornings
is that first light
appears in warm palettes
below the mountains
hours before I could
possibly recognize
the landscape.
I didn't mention
the violet light
from a midwinter
canvas, the night
after a fog-smeared
sky completely
engulfed the hillside
where I probably
wouldn't recognize
you. I've walked
toward Venus before.

Jim Brosnan is the author of Nameless Roads (Moon Pie Press, 2019).
His poems have appeared in the Aurorean, Crossways Literary Magazine
(Ireland), Eunoia Review (Singapore), Nine Muses (Wales,) Scarlet Leaf
Review (Canada), Strand (India), and Voices of the Poppies (United
Kingdom). His grandfather was born in Limerick and his grandmother was
born in Waterford.

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