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Image by Kiki Siepel


the madrigal, volume iv

So I am little

by hasham khalid

And madness is like a discus
bolting and tearing the space with burgeoning circumference.
         I have kept my little
      And in keeping my little, found
        all that is little is like me.
            All that looks curious,
All that keeps waiting.
          How patient I am in my vigil,
At the sorrow of the things passing.
How sane in my knowledge of our shrinking,
          As time leaves us.
    Let me be glitter on your skin
           Or the sunlight clasping your spine
                 As the ringing voice of early morning,
Wakes the earth.
         Here I have found in your scent in your clumsiness,
            My own body made into a flower.
        Call this thing love,
           Our mooring in the littleness of each other.

Hasham Khalid is a poet from Pakistan. His poetry is inspired by the organic life of the cities he has lived in. He tweets @afterdoubt. 

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