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hello again, dear friends and readers. it is with delight that we return to you in this new year to announce the publication of our eighth issue, ‘reminiscence,’ and bestow upon you some thoughts from the past few years. it is, as ever, hard to believe this is our third year publishing your beautiful work, and to mark this occasion we hoped to select a theme that was both reflective of the work you have produced and the work that is to come. to say the least, it has been quite  a sad and difficult year for us personally and professionally, but also one that we will always remember for its beauty, joy, and truly wonderful moments. in this spirit, we thought that the notion of reminiscence –– something equally sublime and tragic –– would be the right fit to carry us into a new year. 

to reminisce (“indulge in enjoyable recollection of past events”) is to yearn, to want, to wonder at the maybe or the could-have-been-but-just-not-quite. for this issue, we want to hear that aching reflection, the joyful reveries, and maybe even those tiny twinges of regret. the torrents of time take no tea breaks, but we know you poets don’t write without a heavy heaping of sorrow mixed in there somewhere. look back into the pools of the past and show us what  you swam in them for. though the storm clouds that scour our memories seldom let the sun shine through, their silver linings remain. there is sweet joy in the sorrow of the past, and through your work, we seek to capture that like a suntrap.  we are beside ourselves with anticipation awaiting your incoming work, and as ever want to offer our sincerest gratitude that you are doing us the honour of submitting it for consideration. 


lots of love, 


helen and luke 

specific submission guidelines:

i. you may submit between 1-3 poemsyou may not submit twice in the same reading period.

ii. we are not interested in reading overtly pornographic or sexual work for this issue. please do not send us work that is pornographic or crudely sexual in nature. if you send us work like this, we will simply not read it.

iii. all work must be centered around this theme of 'reminiscence', as this is an issue thematically dedicated to such. do not send us work which does not connect to this theme.

iv. submissions will remain open from the 1 february to the 15 march. any work sent after this deadline, no matter how close, will NOT be read.


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