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Image by Ricardo Resende


the madrigal, volume iv

The Days of Wine and Pretenses

by victoria leigh bennett

Philosophy of love is gaunt and gray,
For “days of wine and roses” steer our thought,
Though suffering of love is of the day.

We dwell in conflict ‘twixt theory and play
When, being young and not so wise we plot,
For love’s philosophy is gaunt and gray.

It’s possible to hear young lovers say:
“Ah, I too am a cynic, weary lot!”
Yet know suff’ring of love is of the day.

But they are eager to claim rank decay
And try to be the thing that they are not,
For love’s philosophy is gaunt and gray.

The young have overheard the wiser, fey,
Distill their sorrow in some words sore-bought,
Though suffering of love is of the day,

And aping elders, try to pen a lay
Of loathsome tales of love-hells scorned, and hot,
But love’s philosophy is gaunt and gray:
I’m unconvinced, young love must have its day.

Victoria Leigh Bennett. (she/her).  Born W.Va.  B.A. Cornell University, M.A. & Ph.D., University of Toronto.  Degrees:  English & Theater.  Since 2012, website maintained at mostly literary articles/reviews.  August 2021, first print book published, "Poems from the Northeast," 334 pp.  Poem from book repub'd. in September 2021 Winning Writers newsletter.  CNF pub'd. January 2022 by Roi Faineant Literary Press. Poem pub'd. January 2022 by Cult of Clio. Has also written 8 novels & 1 collection short stories, all in search of publisher.   Current WIP 9th novel, new  poems, new CNF and fiction.  Regularly on Twitter @vicklbennett, occasionally on Facebook at Victoria Leigh Bennett.  Victoria is a member of the disabled community.

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