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Image by Anton Maksimov juvnsky


the madrigal, volume ii

The Genealogy of a Flowering Wound

by joshua effiong

i made a thin incision beneath the diaphragm

of a flowering wound. & watch the constituents


dancing on the dissection table. in history, the

origin of a thing is the bedrock of knowledge. the


book of a boy’s becoming according to the gospel

of time read thus:


 & pain begat grief & grief

begat hurt & hurt begat closure & closure begat


a body weeding his mind’s tongue when he finds

melancholy hanging between his teeth. & a mother


feeding him scriptures for resuscitation. & a father

oiling him with antiseptics for discovery. a friend


grinding soothingness into his shoulders & a brain

adjusting to the physics of healing


& a physician prescribing

doses of outlets

         & a lover reopening scab,

& a body bathing in sun rays.


from here you see a tender bud

& a wound begat flowers.

Joshua Effiong [He] is a Nigerian writer and a lover of literature. His works has appeared in Eboquills, Kalahari Review & Shallow Tales Review. He is an author of a poetry chapbook Autopsy of Things Left Unnamed. When he is not writing, he is reading, watching movies and listening to music. An undergraduate of Science Laboratory Technology. He lives in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. And here he writes from. You can find him on Instagram @josh.effiong and twitter @JoshEffiong

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