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the madrigal, volume iv

The Graves of Tristan and Iseult

by helen openshaw

I see a bramble briar grows out of Tristan’s grave,
A dense tangle of arching stems
Finding its way to Iseult’s resting place.

I hear that 3 times the order was given
To cut the branches down, and 3 times
They grew back and intertwined.
Two hearts refusing to be apart.

From the first journey on the Irish Sea,
To their final resting place.
A love that continues to branch and grow,
With roots that rise and spring.

White flowers with the scent of violets
Carries on the wind,
As their love transcends this earth,
This time.

Helen Openshaw is a Drama and English teacher, from Cumbria. She enjoys writing poetry and plays and inspiring her students to write. Helen has had a short monologue commissioned by Knock and Nash productions. Recently published and upcoming poetry work in Secret Chords by Folklore publishing, Green Ink Poetry magazine, Words and Whispers magazine, The Madrigal, Fragmented Voices, Loft Books and The Dirigible Balloon magazine.

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