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Image by Ryan De Hamer


the madrigal, volume iv

Two People I Knew

by maitiú charleton

You sent me some photos over instagram
after I didn’t respond to your text

They were photos of me you had on your phone.
You had photos of me and you safe on you(r phone)

Thank you for sending the photos on -
It’s that she
just thought i’d send some pics

I liked the message, a lot,
and felt the heart I put beside your name

I thought that the way the sunlight began to hit things
Was a direct expression of the joy you gave me

You know how people say the way all music is about love?
The glowing green in a leaf I saw you in, showed me: love is music

It could have just been the fact it was February.
And life was revealing itself to be true again

Or else it was real
I thought a lot about whether you and we were real
You changed the way I knew how love could feel

Maitiú Charleton is a law and political science student who spends a lot of his time writing articles, and debating speeches as Gaeilge agus as Béarla. Tá sé ag iarraidh go bhfeicfidh an domhain an grá agus fírinne atá ann lá éigin

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