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Image by Gustavo Zambelli


the madrigal, volume v


by martin mckenna

you could say
i’m glad i brought you together
today, round a good wood fire and stew
and coffee and apple pie. and
words with aunts and an uncle,

one missing.

and it does feel nice
in my silent wicker coffin.

a room to myself, my first night off;
i’m resting finally from the
rain, the wind, the cold february
evening. you go home
and i hope you drink, for that’s what
i would do, sip silent grapes;

wait for someone to speak to me,
hold all my gone words, most dear.

Marty is an independent Irish poet, born in Tyrone, now living and writing in Belfast. Marty works for the Belfast Trust and has poems published in both online and print journals. He published his first chapbook 'silent stigma, loud leaf' in 2021; he is currently submitting work for publication which will inform his second chapbook 'gently, but a dream' due in October 2022. Marty is a neurodivergent poet.

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