Image by David Monje


the madrigal, volume iii


by robert pegel

Wondering if it’s true.

Must at least
consider the possibility.

Do we

make soul pacts

and decide whether

we want to come

into this life?

Just think
of the implications.
We know how long our stay

will be here on earth.
And who will be our parents.

And our brothers or sisters.

So under these conditions,

why would a teenager
who knows he is only going

to be in this world

for just sixteen years,

care about homework?

Or sports?
Or sleep?

Or eating healthy?

None of it really matters.
If everything is predetermined
and all is fleeting
and temporary.
Except the lasting memories
one experiences and takes
with oneself when leaving this world.

And the cherished memories
one leaves behind
with others when they depart.

So I’ve decided to believe

my son had an agreement.
A soul pact.
He selected his mother and I

as his parents.

And he graced us with his presence.

For sixteen years.

Wish it could have been longer.

But an agreement was made

and he honored it.
As painful as missing him is.

Thank God he was born.

I wouldn’t trade those sixteen years

for anything.

Robert Pegel is a husband and father whose only child, his son Calvin, passed away nearly five years ago.  Calvin died in his sleep of unknown causes.  Robert writes poetry in an effort to transform his grief and loss.  He finds it therapeutic.  He hopes his words resonate with readers. Robert graduated from Columbia University where he majored in English.  He has been published in Trouvaille Review, The Galway Review, Pangolin Review, Lothlorien Poetry, Grand Little Things, Unique Poetry, Bluepepper, As Above So Below, Ariel Chart, Adelaide and others.  He has work forthcoming in The Resurrection Magazine and Mason Street. Robert lives with his wife, Zulma and their Min Pin dog, Chewy in Andover, NJ USA.